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8:36pm Walter is trimming green beans and talking about sneaking me a cuppy. 8:49 PM nearby
Good night, #Bellevue! 8:09 PM nearby
dookin it out for a piece of the pie 7:45 PM nearby
The first #bluemartini has been ordered. Seems appropriate at @bluemartinisea #new2bluemartini 5:59 PM nearby
Mallard family outing 11:20 AM nearby
Liquid stone. 12:11 PM nearby
Comic Star Lord body? So I was messing around with some pieces trying to make a purist captain america inspired on Captainrex1357's captain america and then i looked at this and I'm like....that reminds me of a comic starlord Tue 9:04 PM nearby
Nathan Eckstein Middle School, Seattle WA: Front Entry/Stairstack Detail Tue 8:18 PM nearby
Jarvis B&B Woodinville, WA Tue 7:56 PM nearby
Fwd: Lunch Tue 1:28 PM nearby
on earth day, we visit the most environmentally responsible of corporate citizens Tue 12:39 PM nearby
More surprises. Apparently the previous owner planted these #blooms along the back fence. More pretty #flowers to look at while washing dishes. #garden #gardening #pnw #spring #Redmond Mon 10:02 PM nearby
#sunset @ Denny Park on #lakewashington || #reflection #igers_seattle #pnw #seattle Mon 7:39 PM nearby