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My mother have me this bag of green tea tonight saying, "Oh, there's not much caffeine in this. I drink this stuff throughout the day all the time." So like an idiot, I make a big thing of it and guzzle the whole thing.. MOMICANSEEINTOTHEFUTUREONETHOUSAND 12:48 AM nearby
9:13 PM nearby
8:36pm Staying in tonight. New York sours to drink and beef minestrone on the stove. 8:39 PM nearby
i adore you! Handwriting on the wall... 5:47 PM nearby
Medical coffee or recreational coffee? 3:43 PM nearby
Casey Neumeier 4-19-2014 3:35 PM nearby
#food #foodporn #foodgasm #instafood #taiwanesefood dry noodle with braised pork 3:23 PM nearby
Yours for the low, low price of $0.00. Comes complete with documentation and a bundle of obsolete cords. Call in the next 10 minutes and get some of the other shit lying in this flower bed. Act now! #WordPerfect #serialcable #printer #streetfinds Sat 6:29 AM nearby
Getting some culture Fri 9:10 PM nearby
How it's done Fri 8:55 PM nearby
Fri 7:06 PM nearby
Dinner with Zak - kids. Date night much needed. #judyz Fri 5:50 PM nearby
"It's like a pear loveboat!" Fri 5:18 PM nearby
Fri 2:38 PM nearby
I opened the curtains to see my nemesis. He was careful not to let me see him choosing down on my #flowers or I might not be able to restrain myself. #bunny #wild #garden #destroyer Fri 11:15 AM nearby
#twothreenine #instacinemascope #seattle #rainbow Fri 10:19 AM nearby
It's a double rainbow man... Fri 9:52 AM nearby
Fri 12:13 PM nearby